New China Dealer

A very warm welcom to our new Chinese dealer K C ASTRO, 1-19, Xinqiaotou, Dayang Street, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province.
TEL:13958588608. e-mail:



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New Australia Dealer

A warm welcome to our new Australian Dealer:
Astronomy Alive,
3 Gilbert Grove,
PO Box 92.,
Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204.
Tel: 0412 318125 / 03 9576 5325
Intl: 61 412 318125 / 61 3 9576 5325



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VX10L Lunar Images

Lunar imaging is an art in its own right! Robert Stuart has sent us a couple of great images using his VX10L. Robert offers us the Stadius craterlet system with Copernicus and the Apollo 15 landing site (see red dot) next to the Hadley Rille. Robert selected only a relative few images from a session with gusting conditions to produce these great images. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Robert has sent 2 more interesting images:
Triesnecker-Hyginus rille system and an impressive detailed montage - click on the image for a link


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New South Korea Dealer

A warm welcome to our new South Korea Dealer!
#2F, 77, Yangjae-daero 85-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Tel. 82.2.416.0376


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OMC200 Lunar Images

Ralph Taggart, Hogsback Observatory located at Mason, Michigan USA has sent in some detailed Lunar images taken with his OMC200 and ZWO ASI120MM Camera. Thanks Ralph and we are pleased to add them to the Image Gallery.


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Stunning Lunar Images

Quite a while back, we made 3 sets of very precise optics. Mike Brown in York, U.K. is the owner of one of the sets and still uses the optics. Mike sent us these stunning Lunar images and a Star Test of the optics. If you are interested in similar optics or need something special for a project - get in touch with John.


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Mike O'Day makes light work of Large Magellanic Cloud

CT12 owner Mike O'Day located in the Blue Mountains, Australia sent us us this fantastic image showing multiple bright nebula and star clusters in an area adjacent to the The Tarantula Nebula ( NGC 2070 ) in the nearby irregular galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud ( LMC ). The largest of these are the bright pink nebula in the mid-right part of the image ( NGC 2014 ) and the blue nebula in the lower middle ( NGC 2030 ). Mike used an unmodified Nikon D5300 on his OOUK CT12 f4 to capture this impressive image, proving that DSLR cameras have a great part to play in astrophotography - well done Mike - wishing you dark skies and many more successful imaging sessions!


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New Chinese Dealer

We are pleased to announce our latest dealer in China:
Beijing Skyline Technology Co., Ltd. (Sky Explorers Telescopes)
Visit their site by clicking on the image.


Telephone: +86 133 8123 2100


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Youtube videos added!

To showcase our ODK range and the ODK10 in particular we have added a couple of videos - view them on YouTube or on the ODK Page - click the image for a link to the page.


ODK Page

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ODK10 Infozene online!

We are pleased to showcase the images of ODK10 user, Sara Wager. Sara, based in Spain, produces stunning images with her setup. Click on the image for a direct link or the same link can be found on the ODK10 page. Click HERE to go to the page.Enjoy!


ODK10 Page

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Mirror Set for Ultrascope

Orion Optics UK are pleased to be able to provide optics for the Open Space Agency's "Project Ultrascope" - The Ultrascope is a robotic telescope - or ARO - Automated Robotic Observatory, that will allow amateur astronomers to construct a do it yourself, 3.5 Inch mirror ARO that is able to conduct celestial photography and photometry. The construction uses 3D printed parts, the 3D files and instructions for the Ultrascope are available under an open license.

This type of project would have been almost impossible just 24 months ago. However the emergence of low-cost 3D printers and Laser-cutting, paired with microcontroller platforms such as Arduino and Lumia 1020 - with its 41 Megapixel CCD - mean that a project such as this is now eminently possible.

Find the optics required by clicking on the logo image and Click HERE to go to the project page.


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New Italian Dealer

We welcome PrimaLuceLab (Italy) as our latest OOUK telescope dealer - born from the passion of two amateur astronomers (Filippo and Omar), with many years of experience in the creation and sale of products for astronomy, radio astronomy and photography. PrimaLuceLab develops new systems assembling different components, all compatible, that permit everybody to discover the Universe and Nature in the most easy way with complete guarantee of results.


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ODK10 First Light Image

Here's a great First Light Image from Sara Wager in Spain.
16x1800s Ha
17x1800s OIII
18x1800s SII
Totalling 25.5 hours integration time.
Great colour balance and detail. Thanks Sara!


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CG4 in Puppis

Posted 9/03/2015

Looking like a giant cosmic hand, or a giant space slug, reaching out to grab a poor defenseless distant edge-on galaxy (ESO 257-19) CG4 in Puppis is a dramatic example of a dusty cometary globule.
Don't be too alarmed, ESO 257-19 is in fact more than 100 million light years further away than CG4. This is another stunning image from Mike Sidonio down under in Australia taken with his OOUK AG12. Mike currently uses a Starlightxpress SXVF-H694, SX USB CFW, SX OAG unit + Atlas Focuser. Image details: LRGB = 480 60 60 60min = 11hrs total exposure (bin 1X1) Astronomik filters -20C chip temp, flats used but no dark frames used. Guide Camera: Starlightxpress Lodestar. Thanks for sharing Mike!


Mike Sidonio. Click image for link








Thanks to all those who called at our Stand at Astrofest 2015 to have a chat or place orders. We hope you enjoyed your time at the show.
Barry & John








New Rosette Image

Pete Shah has been working on a new image of the Rosette Nebula recently. Pete has his AG12 well tuned and you can see his image from the link opposite. Thanks Pete!


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See us at Astrofest!

We will (as usual) be at Astrofest, Kensington Conference & Events Centre, London on 6 & 7 February.
Please come along for a chat and if you have any questions about our products - it's a great time to get some one on one advice and information.
We will have some great offers at the show - not just our fantastic deals on the AG Range of Astrographs! Our stand is always staffed by our employees and they will be keen to help. We will be there too to guide you to owning one of our world class instruments.
We will take orders at Astrofest and a deposit will secure your special show purchase (cards accepted at the stand).
We look forward to seeing you - and have an enjoyable visit.
John, Barry (and the OOUK Team).








Losmandy Setting Circle Kit

Losmandy has new Digital setting circle hardware for the G11 and GM8 mounts.
Two 12288 line optical encoders with readers. Encoders lock to shafts, NO radial movement, 6 stainless steel pins are used for linear movement. This system gives full use of the clutches without any misreading. Machined aluminum housings to enclose optical encoders and readers. Kit includes R.A. and DEC. cable. The kit may be purchased on either the GM8 or G11 Mount pages - Click on the image opposite for a quick link.


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AG Telescopes - a Thankyou & Special Offers

Because of the popularity of our AG Astrographs over the last few years, we have decided to try and appeal to a wider audience and make all the AG’s available for a limited period at a special offer price.
The AG’s were developed with the help of several very experienced amateurs and semi-professionals to the level they are currently at. The images on our Gallery pages are witness to the performance optically and mechanically of these instruments.
These telescopes are not inexpensive and, to allow a wider audience to be able to own one, we are, for as yet an unspecified period, offering them at a special price.
We will shortly be changing our web site to show these special offers and hope we can make our AG telescopes more widely available to people with a slightly smaller budget.
Contact us in the meantime if you require further information.
John and Barry


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ODK Halos and Ghosting

Frequently we are asked to look at customers images, some of which show ghosting or halos around stars. Their query is that they think the telescope's lens corrector system is creating these abnormalities. so, we asked Harrie Rutten, one of the World's leading designers of optical systems to take a look at an ODK optical design. One point to consider here is that all the ODK series of 'scopes utilise exactly the same corrector system, they are all based on same primary/secondary speeds and result in an f6.8 focal ratio. so what ever relates to one, relates to all.

Here is Harrie's email which arrived today and analyses in great detail the ghosting in an ODK telescope:....

Hi Barry.
I did full ghost analyses of the ODK 16.
I have to give you very BIG compliments.
This is one of the best ghost free designs I have seen ever. I calculated hundreds! Incredible good.
The brightness of the ghost is more than 20 magnitudes fainter as the source! This is professional quality!
If you have any questions about the analyes, please ask!
Attached the report.
Very Best Regards and many congratulations with this beautiful design which you reached without ghosting analyses . . . . incredible!


If anyone wishes to see all the number crunching and results from his analysis, please email and we will send them out to you. There just isn't room here for all the PDF files

Barry and John








VX10 First Light

At the end of August 2014, Dide van den Heuvel, Prinsenbeek, The Netherlands took possession of a new VX10 250/1200mm (bought at Astromarket BE).
Shortly after he produced this, his first image! Dide wanted to share his picture with a note to say thanks for a great product!!
Technical data: SBIG ST8300m, 14x 900sec Ha, 15x 480sec R/G/B, 20x flats, 100x Bias.
Thanks for the image Dide and we look forward to seeing more!


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It's all about the detail!

This new image from AG12 owner Peter Shah shows great detail in IC5146 - The Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus. Always up for a challenge, Pete captures the intriguing background emission to great effect. With a total image time of some 22 hours the AG12 certainly delivers the goods!


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New ODK12 Images added!

Posted 25/6/14

Luigi Fontana from Italy has sent in some great images taken with his ODK12 and various camera combinations. We always love to see sharp images and the deeper and more obscure the better. Well done Luigi we are pleased to add your images to the gallery!


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Power Loss

Update 17/6/2014

Power restored, about 10 hours production lost. Everything now running except coating machine which stopped with a valve open and destroyed £1200 worth of high vacuum oil. 1 in a 1000 chance the power was lost mid valve changeover on machine.

Posted 09:25 16/6/2014

An 11,000 volt cable outside our factory has exploded and we have lost power on 2 of the factory's 3 electrical phases. Luckily most of our single phase equipment is unaffected including phone lines and email. We will keep you posted








Lightweight mirror development

Posted 10/6/2014

We have been carrying out some important research development with a a large international company. one aspect of that research has been the design and manufacture of super lightweight mirrors. We are in the process of continuing that research and hope soon to be able to offer telescope mirrors which are up to 65% lighter than typical mirrors.


Partially machined 300mm mirror for ODK12







ACU Motorfocus System

Posted 21/5/14

We now offer a motorfocus system for our ACU range of focusers. Belt driven, temperature compensated and very accurate. The system is available with or without handbox control and is available on the Focusers page (see link opposite) and also available as an option on our CT, AG and ODK telescope model pages.


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New Dealer in Greece

Posted 21/5/14

We are pleased to welcome major Greek dealer Planetarium of Thessaloniki into the Orion Optics UK family! With a well established network in the country, we wish them continued success. (See also link from International Dealers Page for 2nd website).


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ODK20 Images & info from ESO

Posted 11/5/14

Born in Taranto (Italy), Gianluca Lombardi works as an astronomer at ESO La Silla–Paranal Observatory and has been in charge of the E-ELT site testing at all Chilean sites since 2007.
Gianluca is an ESO Photo Ambassador, The ESO education and Public Outreach Department has proudly designated night-sky photographers with special ties to ESO as ESO Photo Ambassadors, assisting them whenever possible and further promoting their photos, so as to bring astronomy closer to people. His photos are published in magazines and books and used at conferences and exhibitions.
From the various links on the ODK 20 page you will find some stunning photography by Gianluca, not only of the ODK20 and VLT at ESO, Paranal but also breathtaking images of wildlife and landscapes.

Designated "pt5m" the modified ODK20 is a robotic 0.5m telescope on La Palma for atmospheric turbulence profiling and transient astronomy, operated by the Universities of Durham and Sheffield. You will also find links on the ODK20 page for more on pt5m.


Gianluca Lombardi. Click image for link to ODK20 Page







AG12 image of M31

Posted 7/5/14

We make no excuses for posting this link to Jonas's web site of this spectacular image. Many people think one of the best if not the best image ever taken of M31­images/­m-31-2x2-mosaic.html

Enjoy !


Image taken by Jonas Grinde and his AG12







TeleVue Further Update

posted 30/4/14

All Eyepieces, diagonals, etc now uploaded and on line.
Please note, the prices here and on web page do not include VAT.

Delos £206
Ethos £343
Naglers from £187
Panoptics from £152
Plossls from £55

Lots more kit to be advised in the coming future, keep watching for updates.


Full range of products soon available on web site







TeleVue dealer

Posted 26/4/14

As from the 26th April we are now a fully approved TeleVue UK dealer. We will be uploading several web pages over the next few days/weeks so please contact us in the meantime if you have any products in mind we have as of that date, not yet uploaded.








Planet trio images

Posted 20/4/14

Plenatey images can be difficult - a combination of equipment and seeing are all very important. Our VX range of telescopes are ideal for plenatry imaging and we were glad to have Brisbane based VX14 user send us these fine images of Saturn, Mars and Venus.


Click on image for link







International Astronomy Show

Posted 10/4/14

Warwickshire Exhibition Centre
Sat 7th and Sun 8th June 2014
Featuring 60 Vendors and a full programme of world class speakers.

Visitors to WEC can enjoy a day out taking advantage of the excellent disabled and child friendly facilities, on site restaurant and ample FREE parking. There is also an on site cash machine available. With 2250 sq m of Exhibition space all on one level. Making The International Astronomy Show the biggest Astronomy show in the UK.
For more information click the Image/Logo right.


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Losmandy StarLapse

Posted 2/4/14

We are pleased to present the Losmandy StarLapse System - designed for the astronomer as well as the serious videographer, the StarLapse system will accurately track your camera or telescope for celestial observation.
Using the same worm-gear drive system as the time-tested Losmandy GM-8 German equatorial mount (but without the declination portion) the StarLapse will maintain accurate tracking at both sidereal and solar rates for razor-sharp astro-photographs.
Click on the image to link to StarLapse page.


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New Belgian Dealer

Posted 5/3/14

We are pleased to announce that AST Optics Astromarket in Belgium are now official Orion Optics UK dealers.

With over 25 years of experience as designers and manufacturers of optical instruments, AST are at your service for advice and guidance. Shop with them online - you can visit their website by clicking on the image (right) or you can find their listing on the International Dealers Page. A warm welcome from the team here in the UK and we wish AST continued success.


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Welcome to our new website & Thanks!

Posted 22/2/14

Our completely new website was uploaded just prior to Astrofest this February. The response has been incredible being presented to us by the monitoring statistics. In the period from Astrofest to today, the 22nd February, we are having 104% extra page hits, 32% increase in total visitors and an increase of 27% returning visitors. These figures coupled with our best Astrofest sales ever, 11% up on previous best year and, yearly sales to-date up 16% on previous best year's start ever.
Obviously the web site traffic increase is a direct result of the web site improvement but sales increases in general can only be put down to what we believe is a general upturn in businesses in general both here in the UK and most EU countries.
We would like to thank everybody who has visited our web site and hope you continue to visit us and, thanks also to both new and existing customers for your increased support.
John and Barry








ODK20 now in production. Followed in spring with AG20

Posted 11/2/14

We are excited to announce the production of our ODK20 (500mm) - the largest model in the ODK range with a carbon truss type tube.

We provided two similar models to the one we now have in production and these were supplied to the ESO and ENO observatories. With impressive specifications and the this is the perfect instrument for the serious astronomer, school, college, club or society.
Later in the year we will be announcing the details of the AG20, a 500mm version of our AG astrographs. Interested parties, please email at

for further details.


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AstroFest 2014

Posted 10/2/14

This year's very successful European AstroFest in London. In fact, over about the 20 or so years we have attended, this was our best year by far. Over the 2 days (7th and 8th February) in London it was good to meet up with past customers, old friends (and new ones) and to chat with the many people that came by to have a look or a chat. Thanks to all who placed orders on the 2 days. Don't forget to have a closer look at any of our products here on the website where you can purchase online.








AG12 Astrograph

Posted 7/2/14

Our AG12 Astrograph continues to impress the world of Astrophotography.
The performance will amaze you, we really mean that! We have images taken with AG12's which are often compared with professional telescopes of several metres aperture.

It's weight ensures its not too heavy to be used as a portable instrument, it travels incredibly well. No need for an observatory! Follow the link opposite for more . . .
or: Click HERE to go to page


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Service your Telescope & Check-Up

Posted 7/2/14

Any make! - any age!

Over time, like any instrument - your telescope will benefit from a General Service.
We would like to give you the opportunity to help you look after your telescope, regardless of it's make or age and keep it in tip-top condition. There are many telescopes on the market but all will perform much better with regular service and maintenance.

We are offering INTRODUCTORY PRICES on a set of 10 service procedures to your telescope to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from it and have our Optical and mechanical experts check these aspects which can cause basic problems, especially coatings which are fundamental to the telescope's overall performance.


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Contact our Sales Team by Email: or Telephone: 01782 614200




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